Consumer 360°


Actionable Customer Insight

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Data is valuable but it needs to be activated in order to create value. This solution enables B2C companies to effortlessly create a 360° customer image. We bring data from various sources together so that information can be extracted and made available at the right time and in the correct format, using the right channels. Enabling organisations to make the right decisions. Connect and communicate in a relevant way based on trust and personal interest. 

This solution is all about customer data, customer events and customer behavior. It’s primarily suited for B2C businesses, yet B2B businesses can also benefit from Consumer 360°. Think of obtaining insight into customers and prospects. This solution makes customer behavior comprehensible and actionable for marketing, sales and certainly also operational processes.

Recommendation engine

This solution allows you to deliver relevant and personalized content to your website visitors. Recommendation Engines (also known as personalisation technology) are essential for companies that strive for one-on-one contact with consumers. A good Recommendation Engine ensures that new visitors to a website or users of a different channel feel at home, linger longer and buy more.

Multi-channel Attribution

Large organizations usually operate in different regions and markets which are not homogeneous. This means different channels and sometimes even marketing strategies are put into use in order to reach the target groups. On the customer side, people have a different customer journey, both in length and touchpoints. The Multi-channel application allows to collect and combine all of the different ‘traces’ that customers leave through different channels (Advertising campaigns, Email marketing, Website, CRM, etc.) and give insight for better decision-making.

Financial Forecasting

Using time-series analysis, we help large organizations with complex sales patterns to forecast short-term and long-term sales performance. Through a combination of classical time-series models and new technology (such as neural networks) we can estimate your organization’s future sales performance in a period of up to 6 months. Moreover, we use cross-validation algorithm to select the most accurate forecasting models.